Photographer and Sculptor

Martin Glauser has been working as a professional photographer for 15 years in the fields of photojournalism, editorial, corporate and landscape. He photographs for national and international publications, magazines, NGO's and companys, is partner photographer of Keystone Switzerland and runs his own stock agency.
His second profession as a stone sculptor is linked to his love for stone, his eye for the three-dimensional and art. A great passion and love connects him with Africa. Time and again he is on the road on this continent:
Although the great challenges of Africa cannot be overseen, I see above all the great potential that lies within the people: Their will to live, their creativity and the alternative life models that they exemplify to me as communities. As a photographer I see myself in this sense also as a mediator between their and our cultures.


On what you can count

Whether on the road in a busy metropole, in modern offices, on a construction site, in a Hospice or in an african village, I always fully involve myself in the situation and bring my experience in dealing with people, design and technology into play. My strength is to bring moods, places and situations to the point and to find fine solutions even under unfavourable conditions. I love to be on the road in different cultures and feel especially connected to African cultures.
Languages: e, de, f


Kunstsammlung Unterseen 2020, Berne Cantonale Interlaken 2019 (Gruppenaussstellung), Galerie Klinik Wyss 2017, Das kleines Kunsthaus, Bern 2014, Galerie Riggisberg 2015 (Fotografie) Kunstmuseum Thun 1992 (Stein).

Martin Glauser - CH-3812 Wilderswil 0041 (0) 78 633 11 14 - mail

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