Mountainslide area "Spitzer Stein" near Kandersteg

Endangered fall area above the Oeschinensee

Stones in motion

On November 13, 2019, the now numerous geological measuring instruments recorded an astonishing movement on a single day: 12.9 centimeters of movement downhill. The question is therefore no longer whether a rock fall will occur at the "Spitzer Stein" or not. The question is rather when. And how much, in which direction. Meanwhile, the mountain flank is so unstable that no one will step on it.

Der spizte stein

BrĂ¼chige Steine

Loses Gestein auf Felsplatte

Steine in der Verwandlung

oberhalb des Oeschinensees

Nahaufnahme Spitzer Stein

Panorama oberhalb des Bergsturzgebiets

Spitzer Stein mit Gletscher

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