A way out of the climate crisis

Permaculture in Simbabwe

For some years now, many agricultural zones in Zimbabwe have been suffering from a massive drought. Added to this the poor economic situation and the Cyclone Idai, which destroyed large parts of the harvest in spring 2019. Zimbabwe is currently experiencing starvation. For small farmers of the lowlands in south-eastern Zimbabwe, the Poret Permaculture Centre has therefore become a flagship of ecological knowledge and dignity. It gives them hope and points a way out of environmental destruction and food insecurity.

Farmer ploughs his field with donkeys

Sowing of seeds in the field

Protecting seeds from drought with molasses and ash

Working in a field Zimbabwe

Drought Resistant grain

Dry Resitstente Seeds Permaculture

Portrait african woman
young African woman shows her young plants

Farmer in the field ploughing

Pumping water at the water point

Permaculture young plant

Growing plants

Farmer keeps records of harvest and rain


Through the holistic approach of permaculture, a handling of natural bases for food production that is adapted to local ecological and cultural factors is highly promoted. The soil suffering from drought becomes more fertile and the farmers become more independent of the agricultural industry. At the Poret training centre the farmers can exchange ideas and learn from each other. Poret also advises and accompanies the farmers directly on their land.

young African woman shows her grown avocados

Dry Resitstente

permaculture training centre in Zimbabwe

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