African Art Tengenenge Art Center

A stone sculpture village in Zimbabwe

An art village

The village of Tengenenge in northern Zimbabwe is remote. But coming here is a real adventure and an experience. 90 sculptors live with their families in this place and try to make a living from their art. The vision is to create stone sculptures and art together. Everybody who is motivated and has the desire to do so will find a place where he or she can start working on stones. Artists from different countries and cultures live together in these multicultural community. The artists come from countries like Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana. Some of them live here since the 4th generation. The place presents itself as a large open-air studio. Work is done exclusively by hand. Even the quarrying in the own quarries is mostly done without mechanical help.

Skulptur Kopf eines jungen Mannes

Skulptur Tengenenge

Im offenen Atelier am Arbeiten
Frau aus Simbabwe stellt Gefaess aus Ton her

Bildhauer arbeitet an seiner Skulptur

Blick auf das Bildhauerdorf Tengenenge

Detailaufnahme Bildhauer arbeitet an seiner Skulptur
abstrakte fig├╝rliche Skulptur

Afrikanische Kunst aus Tengenenge

Portrait eines alten Steinbildhauers

Tengenenge was founded in 1966 by Tom Blomefield, a former tobacco farmer and mine owner on his own land. Blomefield, who was himself an enthusiastic sculptor, encouraged and supported the people on his farm to work with stone and find their own form of expression and art. The centre is currently a team of five sculptors

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Skulptur Chapungu

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